Prescription Drug Benefit Design Services

We begin with an analysis of the most salient factors in your plan including:

  • your current prescription drug strategy

  • performance

  • internal capabilities

  • existing contracts

  • specialty medication policies

To better control prescription drug benefit costs, many employers carve out their prescription drug benefit from their medical plan and contract directly with a pharmacy benefit manager. Based on your own data, Claremont Partners makes fact-driven recommendations based on our thorough analysis, and will follow through with plan design changes to ensure that you are getting maximum financial value from the program while enhancing the quality of care offered to your members. 

Next, we consider alternative plan designs and channels that influence members in:

  • using lower-cost alternatives and

  • adhering more effectively to treatment guidelines.

The prescription drug evaluation combined with evaluation of your clinical programs, ensures proper alignment for member incentives. The outcome of this benchmarking and plan design evaluation gives you the ability to assess the financial impact accurately and minimize disruption for members.