Health Program Integration (HPI) helps leaders manage complex health programs, reduce financial exposure and control population health risks.  

Designed to align the different health programs around a unified strategy, HPI assures that each participant understands their role and how they contribute to the goals of the health plan. These alignment goals are backed up by independent reporting and analysis to guarantee performance.

Health Program Integration promises measurable results and four deliverables:


  1. Doubles Utilization of Benefits’ Health & Productivity Tools (e.g. EAP & Work Life, Health Promotion & Wellness, Behavioral Health Care and Disease Management)
    • 180° paradigm shift to inside-out approach with vendors
    • Robust and targeted communications to at risk condition stakeholders
    • Population-wide engagement operated to the benefit of all concerned
  2. Facilitates Case Handling Coordination
    • Psychiatrist, Primary Care Physician, and Counselor communications
    • Evidence-based clinical practice
    • Pharmacy optimization & prescription compliance
    • Integrated identification and treatment of co-morbid conditions
    • Routine cross-referrals and interface between silo programs
  3. Involves Labor/Management Operating Stakeholders to Act on Referral Triggers
    • HR Productivity e.g. absence management, performance management
    • HR Risk Management e.g. workers’ compensation, security and employment practices
    • Labor/management relations and collaborative problem solving
  4. Provides Data Mining/Analytics & On-Going Quarterly Reporting