Beginning with a detailed analysis of your health program's main components, Claremont Partners will hold your health care vendors accountable for measurable outcomes on evidence based practices.

Too often in today's climate of ballooning health costs providers make false claims and provide untrustworthy reporting on their performance. And when different vendors fail to communicate about patient's needs, or fail to use the same standards for measuring their performance, it is nearly impossible to make well-informed program design changes. Claremont Partners brings transparency and overcomes the rampant waste in the system.

Claremont Partners helps employers and health benefit trustees make health program decisions that improve program productivity based on independent data analysis and supplier reporting. Claremont’s Health Program Integrationestablishes an actionable, data-driven approach to managing health programs. .

The Challenge:

Employers and health benefit trustees are too often faced with choices about reducing health care coverage, or adding new expenses, without a clear understanding of their health programs’ performance.

Claremont Partners specializes in supporting informed decisions with actionable data — and once the decisions have been made, we provide the supporting project management muscle to help steer an organization from current state to desired state. In the end, the goals are cost savings and improvements in productivity through better member health.

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